Plastic Surgery Virtual Consultations Offer Privacy and Convenience to Patients Considering Surgery

As new advances in cosmetic surgery technologies and procedures continue to emerge, plastic surgery is becoming increasingly more popular and commonplace. Thanks to the wealth of information available publicly online, patients considering plastic surgery have more resources than ever at their disposal to research procedures and physicians, including procedural videos, before and after photos, and patient testimonials-all at the click of a mouse. It is now easier than ever for patients to connect with plastic surgeons through the practice of virtual consultations, which many physicians are now offering online or over the phone. Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez, a leading cosmetic surgeon in Baltimore, offers plastic surgery virtual consultations to patients considering cosmetic surgery procedures at his clinic,

What is a plastic surgery virtual consultation?

A plastic surgery virtual consultation takes the place of the more traditional in-person consultation with your cosmetic surgeon. Similar to an in-person consultation, virtual consultations typically last anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes or more, depending on the needs and concerns of each individual patient. Depending on the technologies available at each clinic offering this service, virtual consultations may take place over the phone, via web cam, or through instant messenger. Dr. Rodriguez usually conducts his virtual consultations over the phone, but can accommodate iChat or video chat if his patients desire.

Before the Consultation

Patients typically fill out the required medical forms and new patient paperwork before meeting virtually with their cosmetic surgeon. Depending on the desired cosmetic procedure, patients are asked to provide photographs of their bodies from very specific angles so that the surgeon can assess their exact needs. In some cases, patients may also need to provide measurements and other related information. On his website, Dr. Rodriguez provides a detailed video guiding patients through this process step by step, which makes the process easier for patients to ensure they are providing the necessary information.

Why should I consider a virtual consultation?

Virtual consultations offer the ultimate level of privacy and convenience to cosmetic surgery patients because the consultation is conducted in the comfort of your own home. These consultations can cover many types of procedures, including breast reductions, tummy tucks, and liposuction. If you are considering a cosmetic procedure and have been researching prospective surgeons, virtual consultations are an ideal way to find a plastic surgeon with whom you feel most comfortable without having to schedule an in-person meeting. Virtual consultations are particularly beneficial to patients who need to travel long distances to seek cosmetic procedures that are not available in their immediate area. Dr. Rodriguez has been providing virtual consultations for years, and he has met and consulted with patients from around the world. Just as with an in-person consultation, all patient information disclosed in a plastic surgery virtual consultation is kept private between patient and physician. Thanks to virtual consultations, celebrities and other figures in the public eye are able to maintain absolute privacy. However, Dr. Rodriguez does require that all his patients schedule an in-person consultation with him prior to surgery.

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